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Our barristers specialise in taxation, property and compliance. They believe there’s no legal requirement for you to pay stamp duty.

Find out how much you will have to pay using the table below:

We specialise in the key aspects of highly tax-efficient conveyancing, and in particular in mitigating Stamp Duty liability.

Use the calculator below to find out how much you could save:

If you’re currently purchasing property in England or Wales, now is the ideal time to get in touch.

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How much stamp duty
would I normally pay?

Relevant Consideration Percentage
Not > £125,000 0%
> £125,000 but < £250,000 1%
> £250,000 but < £500,000 3%
> £500,000 4%
> £1,000,000 5%
> £2,000,000 7%

How Much
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Our Scheme

  • Fully compliant with the framework provided by The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).
  • Suitable for residential and commercial properties, regardless of whether they are freehold, leasehold or share of freehold.
  • Professional fees are insured by a specialist UK insurer.
  • Planning does not impact on your purchase timescales.
  • Tax planning will result in a freehold purchase, completely unencumbered.
  • Our SDLT Mitigation is a proprietary product - we do not simply act as resellers.
  • Planning is not disclosable to HMRC under DOTAS regulations.